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Fineyrols to Nasbinals

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Day 10 - Saturday 12th May 2007 >>

One of the most memorable days across the plateau for me, possibly because the vast expanses of open landscape with few trees allowed barely any opportunities for, well, 'behind a tree' breaks.
The landscape with its huge rocks was reminiscent of Northumberland's Hadrians Wall Country and we walked past a community of vegetarian yurts that looked quite fun!
So confident were we in our walking ability by then that we took a 2km detour in the afternoon to check out the Cascade Duroc Waterfall reccommended to us by the lovely and friendly waitress in the restaurant(Maison Du Rosalie?) we had lunch in. She had just come back from an English course in Ireland and was very keen to practice on us which was great!
I have to admit I quite liked Nasbinals although we didn't get to look around too much due to a nasty incident with a weird man who had installed himself in our allegedly 'private' room in the gite and we had to hold on for hours whilst mum sorted that out in her very best french.

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