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Nasbinals to St-Chely-d'Aubrac

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We were quite social this day!
We set out a little nervous as this was the first night we were unable to find anywhere to stay at our intended destination so we weren't entirely sure we'd have a bed for the night.
We soon bumped into our German Lady friend we met back in Aumont-Aubrac and she walked with us for most of the morning although our pace was a a little slow for her. She introduced us to an american friend of hers who told me all about the property market in his home state and his family history dating back to the 17th Century!
Because we were a bit worried about our lack of bed we didn't stay to look around Aubrac which looked like it could've been interesting and pressed on to St Chely.
We were planning to sleep on some emergency mattresses they had on the floor in the gite but in fact mum did some serious french grovelling and swung us a nice room down by the river and an excellent dinner with some 'Suze' liquor in a nearby bar. Well done mum.

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