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Conques to Livinhac

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Day 20 - Tuesday 22nd May 2007 >>

One of the longest trips so far in frankly blistering heat.
Jackie very wisely took off to the airport leaving us to negotiate a hill that still gives me nightmares. There was this tiny little chapel miles up the valley and I figure we can't possibly be walking straight up there right? I was expecting there'd be some kind of gentle zigzag-ing, oh no, it's straight up heart attack hill for us and numerous other bright red puffing pilgrims!
Mum kept telling everyone up the hill that she was going slow because she had mud on her boots and they were slipping - it was very convincing!
The rest of the day was easier walking after that but ridiculously hot.
We took a shortcut that we thought would help us skip Decazville (a place famous for it's gigantic open cast mine) but in fact we just ended up walking through miles of suburbia with no facilities so it probably wasn't the best idea.
Personally I suspect we might have died of dehydration except that a wonderful lady hanging out on her balcony took pity on us and gave us water! She said she gets pilgrims asking everyday!
I was so grateful I took her address down and sent her a present from Santiago. Unfortunately my french is so bad she probably thinks she got a parcel from a nutter who likes water!
We arrive in Livinhac after crossing the Lot River and negotiating a landslide to spend the night in a former silk worm tower! One of the more interesting of our nightly locations!

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