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Day 21 - Wednesday 23rd May 2007 Photos

Livinhac to Figeac

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Day 21 - Wednesday 23rd May 2007 >>

One of the worst days walking almost entirely along baking hot roads in temperatures in the mid-thirties.
I got so desperate for water today I took my first drink of cemetery water. Cemeteries in France have to have drinkable water in them but somehow drinking water from the dead gave me the creeps. I got over it in the heat though!
Taking a shortcut along a road into Figeac I fell in ditch and twisted my ankle.
It was seriously tough getting out of that ditch!
I've never been so grateful to arrive at anywhere in my life - luckily mum had reserved us the nicest room we stayed in during the entire trip - a fantastic room with a full length balcony overlooking birds swooping over the valley and the rooftops of Figeac!

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