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Figeac to Beduer

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"Just one small hill then it's all flat" lied the nice lady in our fantastic rooms in Figeac...
I stomp along behind mum still with terrible blisters in the poruing rain until mum has some kind of crisis and makes us walk all the way back down the hill only to discover that we were going the right way after all and we have to walk back up!
This was the first day all I wanted to do was go home. I was in agony and soaking wet and really it wasn't fun.
When we arrive the gite is locked and we are soon joined by the other guests who phone up telling the folks who own the gite to come back and let us in. Even when they arrive they leave us outside freezing cold and soaking wet for another half an hour or so while they 'get the rooms ready' despite the fact that the other guests have an 8 year old girl who is soaked to the skin standing outside with us!
My mum was quite nice about these people in her ratings, and I suppose the room was nice enough, but I can't see any excuse for leaving a small child shivering outside in the woodshed for ages and for not letting us all into the hallway or something...!
Truly a bad day in my book.

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