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Day 25 - Sunday 27th May 2007 Photos

Beduer to Espagnac

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Day 25 - Sunday 27th May 2007 >>

More rainy walking but with our first views of the absolutely stunning cliff landscape of the Cele Valley!
When we arrive at the gite in Espagnac we hear English spoken for the first time in ages and it turns out that bizarrely an English couple are having a golden wedding anniversary party in the garden that evening and there are loads of English people about!
Unfortunately they have booked out all the accomodation reserved for walkers and we have to spend the night in a dormitory with a lady who snores so loud it rocks my bed. Over dinner we learn that a french couple who phoned up after us were told there was no accomodation left at all so would they like to stay with the Mayor!?! They said they spent a very nice night in the lady mayor's house!
It was a nice place Espagnac, nice but odd, and no phone reception so you felt a bit cut off!

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