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Day 26 - Monday 28th May 2007 Photos

Espagnac to Marcillac-sur-Cele

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The rest of the pilgrims in our gite took a shortcut this day along the roads.
As we inch along tiny precarious slippery cliff edge paths in the rain later on we realise why!
Mum was very brave actually and I'm impressed she made it!
Although she did make me march all the way down into the valley and back up again in search of a bar to eat lunch in. She managed to find one where some folks nicely served us even though I think they were shut, I guess they felt sorry for the soaking wet pilgrims, and we had some nice food sitting next to a parrot named 'Suzi'.
"je m'appelle Suzi" I managed in my best french!
"elle aussi" nodded the french barman....
Marcillac-sur-Cele was an equally strange place with washing drying in the middle of the river and a strange ruined and empty church in the middle of the town. I believe we'd been there before once with my parents but I couldn't totally remember.

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