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Montcuq to Lauzerte

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The sunshine gone I have to pack my sandals and wince along in my incredibly painful blister shoes....
Mum decided for some reason that she wanted to spend almost the entire morning in the post office at Montcuq which caused something of a disagreement and a mini-row somewhat publically inside the aforementioned post office. This probably would have been fine anywhere else but Montcuq seems to be almost entirely home to English people so probably everyone in the queue could understand what we were saying!
After a morning spent mooching about Montcuq waiting for mum we set off for Lauzerte through lots and lots of mud.
Some nice English people we met in lauzerte invited us in for a cup of tea in the next village along but by the time we got there it was up a hill and both of us were in too much pain (mum with shoulders me with blisters) to want ot walk up there. I was gutted about the cup of tea though, I was thinking about that tea for weeks afterward....
Luckily for us our Chambre d'Hote for the night was only halfway up the absolutely massive hill that Lauzerte was sitting on and the people there were fantastically lovely giving us extra food and stuff! :)

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