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Lauzerte to Aube Nouvelle

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My life was totally saved first thing this morning by the guy at Les Figuiers giving me a new pair of boots left behind by another pilgrim which pretty much fixed my blister problems for the rest of the trip!
After that the whole day was spent in a kind of disbelieving haze that it was possible to walk without wincing in pain at every single step!
We didn't have that far to go (everyone else in the gite was walking the whole 30km to Mossiac but we chickened out of it) so we had plenty of time to look around the mist covered Lauzerte that morning.
Despite the short walk we passed some interesting stuff this day including the really fancy dovecote and the nicely restored Saint Sernin Church with it's undesirable pigeons!
Our hotel for the night fed us slightly too much food whihch probably suited mum and a guy on a nearby table reccommended the truly excellent 'ROK' for my blisters which in combination with my new boots probably transformed my entire trip!
'ROK' - use it!

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