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Moissac to Auvillar

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We decide to take the easy route out of town along the FLAT canal towpath.
It's a very nice morning spent strolling in the shade beneath leafy trees on a path sandwiched nicely between the canal and the river.
Personally I had my ipod on and was tramping along quite happily so it was quite a shock to suddenly turn round at lunchtime and discover mum was in a really bad mood. Still I took her to a bar and she cheered up.
As ever just as the afternoon sun got really, really hot we head out from under the shade and away from the canal and onto baking hot tarmac.
It's a hard slog up the steep hill into Auvillar but the communal gite there was absolutely amazing (seroiusly nice for 10E a night!) and Auvillar was a very nice arty place with nice pancakes. :)

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