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Day 38 - Friday 8th Jun 2007 Photos

Auvillar to Castet Arrouy

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After virtually crawling up the hill into Auvillar the day before I am frankly amazed to find that of ALL the roads leading out of town downhill first thing in the morning we will be taking the ONLY one that goes uphill!
Still we soon arrive in GERS, my favourite area that we walked through, they are nice to pilgrims and their signage is about 500% better than the bad signage around Moissac.
We were planning to stay in (town name forgotten) on the way but when we got there it was entirely shut (lunchtime for french folks) and hot and bothered we decide to push on the Castet Arrouy.
We had a lovely meal in Castet Arrouy at a restaurant run by a french canadian who speaks english and doesn't baulk at vegetarians! The gite is mildly creepy though being in an old schoolhouse. There is only us and one other (amazingly!) English guy there and the whole place creaks all night long.... not to mention that terrifying painting of a pilgrim halfway up the stairs!

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