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Castet Arrouy to Lectoure

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It was a fairly nice walk this day I think, past some alien looking crops. I think also several thousand motorcyclists went past us at one point for some reason, not sure where they were going?
We meet a lovely man in the Tourist Office in Lectoure who can't be too helpful and tells us he has walked the whole route from Le Puy twice!
Mum asks him if he can't do something about all the mud and he says "Ah, but this is your camino!" Wise words.
After wondering all over Lectoure and meeting the world's rudest restauranter (he was shouting after us down the street..!) we finally, after joking about it on the way in, decide that there is really only one place to stay the excellently named 'Hotel de Bastard' but mum won't let me steal a towel.

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