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St-Privat-d'Allier to Saugues

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Bouyed up by our success in walking the previous few days we decide to do something crazy by walking far too far all in an effort to catch up with mum's original schedule!!
Mum very wisely suggested we skip the super big hill up to misty Rochgude (lots of nice views we couldn't see through the rain and mist) but I made her walk up there which wasn't too bad except that it then took us FOUR WHOLE HOURS to clamber, climb, slide and slip our way carefully back down through muddy, rocky forest!
When we eventually emerged into the valley at Monistrol I took a look round and realised we were going to have to climb back out of the massive gorge we were standing in - the one we just spent 4 hours climbing down into! This turned out to be one of the longest hills I remember all trip and made the Pyrenees look like nothing. After reaching the spectacular Chapel of Madeleine I think I assumed we were almost at the top but in fact it took absolutely ages after that zigzag-ing upwards through woods with mum promising me lunch when we got to the top.
We gave up slightly before the top and had lunch but after that it was all pretty easy going. We reached the nice open flatness of the plateau soon after lunch and the walking got easier for ages afterward.
We arrived in Saugues, an interesting place full of strange wood carvings, utterly exhausted and the nice guy in 'La Terasse' took one look at us and said 'Ah I have a room for you on the first floor!'. How nice was that? The fewest stairs possible!! We were so grateful and that was seriously the comfiest bed I stayed in all trip... Highly reccommended hotel!

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