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Saugues to Le Falzet

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We didn't have so far to walk today after walking like nutters the day before.
We had a nice look around Saugues, home of the dreaded 'Beast of Gevaudan' and a look at lots of strange wooden sculpture things.
We met some nice jolly french ladies that we bumped into for most of the rest of that week and also met a young french couple who had the crazy idea that they would save money by camping (they soon stopped that - apparently it was freezing!).
We spent the night in a small gite at Le Falzet. The Madame there was actually lovely and brought me extra fruit for my dinner for the 'poor vegetarian' :)
However this was our first slightly crowded pilgrim experience with 8 pilgrims all competing for the one bathroom in the morning and a narrow escape at having to sleep in a room with a cheerful yet snoring French man!

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