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Day 6 - Tuesday 8th May 2007 Photos

Le Falzet to Saint-Alban-sur-Limagnole

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Day 6 - Tuesday 8th May 2007 >>

The first day we truly appreciated the majesty of the flower covered fields of the Aubrac Plateau. Apparently we picked exactly the right time to walk through them as at the end of May the cows come up and eat all the flowers so we'd have been walking through fields of cows not flowers (narrow escape there for mum!)
It was also our first meeting with St Roch as we come across a chapel and fountain dedicated to him and his dodgy leg.
We also learnt that Sarkozy had won the French Election.
Mum was very pleased to arrive in St Alban a close relative of her native St Albans and to learn that it was a place almost entirely based around a mental hospital. Lovely.

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