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Day 7 - Wednesday 9th May 2007 Photos

Saint-Alban-sur-Limagnole to Aumont-Aubrac

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The folks we stayed with in Saint Alban set us of with a hearty breakfast of lovely cakes that my mum was still talking about hundreds of miles further along the walk...
We took a strange detour into a weird little village with an iron cross and an old school house that time forgot then headed up to some of the most stunning views we'd seen so far!
We had our first encounter with a deer and it got really quite hot in the afternoon. We were pleased to head down into Aumont-Aubrac looking forward to our first day off.
The girl in the tourist office assured us we could almost certainly check out all of Aumont-Aubrac in one day and no, we wouldn't need a map, "it's very small!" she said!

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