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Being the route to St James there are plenty of statues of him along the way! There are also statues of pilgrims (often in medieval gear) and statues of St Roque who was pretty nice to pilgrims.
The reason I've not differentiated between these is that St James is often dressed as a Pilgrim and vice versa so it's hard to tell sometimes who the statue is!
Typical medieval pilgrim gear consists of a big hat with a shell on the front, a cloak/cape thing often with shells on it, a big walking stick/staff and a water gourd. I think they also carried some kind of box with a letter from their local priest and they may even have collected some letters along the way as proof of their walk or maybe it was for holding their compostela in?
I must say I was a bit jealous of their lack of big rucksacks, although apparently they didn't wash the entire way until one town outside Santiago which sounds a bit smelly!
St Roque apparently ran a pilgrim hospital until he got some kind of horrible leg disease after which he went ot live out in some woods with his dog who brought him food. You can usually spot him as he is showing off the wound on his leg but he is generally dressed as a pilgim also!

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