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2009 BLOG

Latest Blog:
Blogged: 01/09/2009 7:11pm by Susan
Location: Burgos
" So........

Iīm in Burgos! And er, pretty soon Iīm leaving! I havenīt really gotten around to blogging this camino Iīll admit. Mostly Iīve been avoiding all forms of communication, only turning my phone on briefly every couple of days, mainly if I needed to use it for a torch! Useful Tip: If youīre camping in the middle of nowhere a torch would be a VERY useful item!!!

So whatīs been happening then... well itīs been hot, very very hot. And w...

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Pamplona to Finisterre - Susan and Zoe's Camino De Santiago!

2008 BLOGS

Final Blog:
Blogged: 17/06/2008 11:30am by Susan
Location: Fin De Camino? in map square A1
" So I walked out to the end yesterday... right out to Faro, past the lighthouse and onto the rocks to the VERY END OF THE EARTH......

There is a kilometer sign there that says 0.000km itīs not a myth! Also I know what the lighthouse looks like now - and itīs nothing like whitley bay!

We did all kinds of rituals. Zoe very bravely gave Nell (her stick) back to nature - I have an excellent picture of it mid-flight! And we burnt some stuff!



From Le Puy to Pamplona! - Susan and Sandra's Big Walk!

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