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Thursday 24th May 2007 - 10:32am
Figeac in map square [D2]
by Susan
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WOOHOO! A whole new map square!!!! Well much has happened since I last saw a computer.... We came down off the plateau into the Lot valley and met my mum's friend Jackie who told us lots about birds. She brought the bad weather with her though and we spent several really tough days clambering knee high through rivers of mud! Then the sun came out and we reached [Conques] which is seriously pretty!!! You should all go! Here are some [pictures] for you to look at!
Then Jackie had the very clever idea of getting on a bus to Rodez airport and we had the stupid idea that we'd try and walk to [Figeac] in only two days. I am still having nighmares about the hill out of [Conques], I cannot even explain to you how steep in was.... especially before 9 o clock in the morning (not my best time of the day)(understatement!) and then we spent 2 days walking in the baking sun until I fell into a roadside ditch with exhaustion and twisted my ankle....
We did sleep in a magnanerie (a little stone tower used to keep silkworms) a couple of nights ago which was pretty interesting and spent last night in possibly the most luxurious room in [Figeac]!
Now in [Figeac] nursing my blisters, mum has decided we're never walking that far in a day again and I've decided never to walk again......
Signing Out Now Folks - Sleepy Sunburnt Suz.....

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