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Friday 1st June 2007 - 11:17am
Cahors in map square [D2]
by Susan
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Take 3 months unpaid leave and walk 500 miles across france and spain what the **** was I thinking!?!
This week is the first week all I've wanted to do was go home..... We stayed an extra day in Figeac to wait for my new insoles to arrive and then we decided to take the scenic route along the river Cele (not on my mum's itinery) which means that now we're at least one day behind. Scenic it might have been but it was hard to tell through the pouring pouring pouring and more pouring rain.......!
I have many photos of signs saying 'point de vue' in front of heavy fog and mist which i will bore you with later.
The sun came out just long enough for me to meet a snake on the path on wednesday (it was brown if that description helps you all to identify it for me) and then I had a real touching the void moment where I was literally crawling up the pathway uphill (on all fours being the best position possible to encounter snakes) in the blistering heat thinking 'i'll just make to the next tree and then i can have another sip of water....' it took me a looooong time to get up that hill.
Still we made it to Cahors eventually, me with sore feet and my mum with a sore shoulder, and now we are hanging out in the worst hotel you've ever seen feeling sorry for ourselves.
Walked over 350km so far and frankly I think that's far enough.....

conversation with south african guy on a boat:
him: "Where are you walking to?"
us: "Spain"
him: "No really..."
us: "No REALLY!"
he must've thought we were nuts.....

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