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Thursday 7th June 2007 - 8:55am
Moissac in map square [D2]
by Susan
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We've made it to Moissac! Which is really quite far!

A funny thing happened the other day. we stayed in couple of nice gites recently. My mum's already mentioned the souleillou
place, where the madame was a nurse and attended everyone's blisters, then we went on to a place called les fig-something (named after the big fig tree outside) and in the morning we asked the guy where we could buy me some boots cos basically for the past few weeks i've been limping through knee high mud with seriously bad blisters and frankly i was about to pack up and go home, and he told us, and then just as we were leaving he said 'hang on what size are you?' and he produced some boots!!!! so now i have some free boots, which apparently another pilrim who quit nicely left behind for me!!!! and i can walk agin without wincing!!! oh the joy!!!!

of course it's still raining.... a while back my mum told a french man that in her opinion france was rainier than england (3 days of sun in month!) and he seemed pretty unconvinced. mind it turned out he'd only been to scotland and, well, noone's saying it's rainier than scotland....

still with new boots and the promise of balmy days strolling through fields of sunflowers ahead on we go (tommorrow - after our rest day!)
and beaucoup de COURAGE my muddy friends....

catch up with you in Condom, (hee, heeheehee hee!) the next stop on the map..... :)

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