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Tuesday 12th June 2007 - 5:47pm
CONDOM in map square [D2]
by Sandra
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Well here we are in Condom - which is only 1003 km from Santiago - which means that we must have walked over 500 km now!

HEALTH UPDATE - Susan still has blisters but her feet are no longer the agony that they were. Also the walking is much easier now - gentle undulations on reasonable surfaces and today we did a record 16 km in 3 hours - including a snack stop. So we actually made it to Condom by 11:30 this morning and treated ourselves to 5 quid ices as a reward (we sometimes wonder why we aren't losing weight.)

NATURE UPDATE - 2 days ago we disturbed a deer and then two red squirrels - much fatter and bushier-tailed than the skinny ones you see in Northumberland and the Lake District (must be all the five quid ices). Wild roses cascade from every tree and bush and there are fields of garlic and melons.

FAMILY RELATIONSHIPS UPDQTE - We are reaching understandings - I know not to speak to Susan before 9:00 a.m. and she knows to give me something nice to eat and/or drink when I get ratty round 11 a.m. or 2 p.m.


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