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Thursday 14th June 2007 - 4:08pm
Eauze in map square [D2]
by Susan
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Well we're in Eauze, which we have absolutely NO idea how to pronounce.... Seems like we've come quite far now... i'm already getting upset about having to stop in Pamplona before we get to st jack!
mind you we're still not in the next map square...

let me correct a couple of things:
1) my mum managed to do an entire blog from condom without making a single joke! that's terrible! i was a least going to make some innocuous comment about things being really hot there or something...
2) she also missed out the best part of last week which is that we spent a night in the uber-posh Hotel De Bastard in Lectoure! Seriously that was it's REAL name!!
Both Condom and the hotel were surprisingly nice....

Anyway we're strolling through this area called Gers, it's fairly nice here, the sunflowers I was promised haven't grown yet but apart from that I quite like it. I think it's the nicest place since the Aubrac but then I dunno if that's cos it's the flatest place since the Aubrac, anyway we're here til afer the next place on the map so lets hope it stays flat eh?

Pyranees in a week or so maybe....? EEK!

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