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Thursday 21st June 2007 - 4:31pm
Naverrenx in map square [D3]
by Sandra
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Things are changing rapidly - WE CAN SEE THE PYRENEES - and they are getting nearer every day (and higher!). It still rains of course - all last night - so this morning we departed in thick fog but as we ascended out of the river valley the sun came out and we had a stunning view of the wooded hills around with the high Pyrenees behind.

The other thing that is changing is that we are getting up at 5 every morning and leaving at six in an attempt to beat the heat - although after 20-odd km, we still seem to hit that long shadeless road into town under the mid-day sun.

Now nervously wondering how we are going to get ourselves and our packs up the c.3000 feet over the pass next Tuesday . . .

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