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Saturday 23rd June 2007 - 4:41pm
Ostabat in map square [D3]
by Susan
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Gosh well the sign in our gite tonight says we've walked 716km from Le Puy so far and here we are only a day away from St Jean Pied De Port (st john at the foot of the pass)
and next tues we begin the big ascent (we decided we needed a day off first) it's been a hard push to get here almost on schedule, 20km days in the heat with not a day off since mossaic, i think we're feeling it a bit...

Ostabat is kinda exciting in a way as it's where 3 of the main routes down through france meet to head over the pyranees and in its heyday it took in 5000 exhausted pilgrims, nowadays it's just a tiny village, but hey at least they have a shop, the first we've seen for days!!!

We've decided to take the route napoleon over the mountains, the harder route, described as '26km very strenous'. I'm not entirely sure why, maybe because it's the more historical route, maybe cos the other route involves walking entirely alongside a road the whole way or maybe, just maybe, cos we're nuts.

A few weeks back now we were sitting in the rainy valley of the Cele with a french couple we met a few times and we were all staring despondently out of the window over breakfast at the pouring, pouring, driving rain and the guy turned to us and said 'today is a day to be near a computer'! Well I'm sure i'll be thinking of that halfway up a mountain next tuesday....

So think of us you guys as you stroll into work next week, maybe sit down at your computer sipping your morning coffee, check your email, maybe sneaking a look at this blog, we'll be scaling the pyranees!!! If it works out i'll be blogging to you from spain, if you haven't heard from me for a while, please, er, call the air ambulance....?

Seriously though it's no joking matter people die on this route. BEAUCOUP DE COURAGE! and HASTA LA VISTA, BABY! (which is the extent of my knowledge of spanish)


p.s. thanks for all the messages of support! we might not always get a chance to reply but we really appreciate them, especially anyone who said my mum was mean about me falling over!

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