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Wednesday 27th June 2007 - 5:13pm
Roncevalles in map square [C3]
by Sandra
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"Weīre off to sunny Spain" sang I this morning as we walked into the thick white fog that lay in wait for us. But we did get a few views on the way up - not much at the top though.

People have been frightening us for weeks about this dreadful walk up the mountain but it really wasnīt that bad and we did it in 5 and a half hours (20km). Just the whiteout at the top was a bit scary especially with thousand metre drops at the edge of the path - probably best that I couldnīt see anything as I am not too good at heights . . . to put it mildly.

Anyway we are now in a Spanish īrefugioī- one large dormitory with over 100 people (one womenīs shower for all of us females!) but actually it is rather nice - clean and with Internet access and helpful volunteers who speak all languages. Suddenly there are all nationalities arriving and we havenīt heard so much English spoken for two months. I am having problems switching from French to Spanish but itīs fun being in Spain again - there is something about spoken Spanish that makes me feel at home - all that yelling and shouting - I like it. Oh and they were playing Bach when we came into the refuge and found our beds and sorted stuff out - itīs in a very old abbey building so most appropriate.

Off for our first Spanish meal - soup, trout, yoghurt, wine and coffee - and all for eight euros - VIVA ESPANA!!!!

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