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Thursday 28th June 2007 - 3:25pm
Zubiri in map square [C3]
by Sandra
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Lovely walking weather today and I am feeling happy with Spanish food and lovely breakfasts with good coffee and warm croissants (better than in France!) - and today the guy in the bar made me REAL orange juice - first time since we left England!

But the food doesn´t agree with my lovely daughter (without whom I acknowledge that I would still be walking around on the Aubrac plateau looking for a light switch - yeah none of realised quite how bad my eyesight was until I had to spend some time with someone who can actually see!). And she has the dreaded ´Spanish tummy´- scourge of Costas of my youth . . .

But I am finishing tomorrow in Pamplona and am off to Galicia to pig out and eat shellfish and on the Atlantic coast. I reckon I deserve it after walking 500 miles! We feel very smug at the moment cos almost everyone else has only just started (in St. Jean) and are starting to suffer with their feet, muscles etc and we are storming ahead - no probs! (apart from Spanish tummy of course).

I may come back next year and do Pamplona to Santiago - anyone want to join me? (Susan has decided she has had enough of walking with old people who want to do inessential things like eat breakfast and who fuss over wanting to comb their hair or put chairs back in certain places.)

Off to the sea!!!!!

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