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Monday 9th July 2007 - 8:07pm
Lugo in map square [B3]
by Susan
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Well what can I say? We've stopped walking, I was very sad, in fact I cried, no really, I did. I had this secret plan to keep on walking and I had it all planned out but, well, it probably would have killed Keith and possibly me too since I seem to have been ill since I hit spain....

Still my mum's pretty happy as she's eaten a LOT of shellfish. Nobody was much up to walking the last bit from Ferrol so nobody is getting their compostelas, no time off pergatory for us lot eh? still if you decided to be buddhist about it and not catholic (does that work?) then i must've worked off some bad karma doing over 800km with some very sore blisters surely???

Me and my mum took the tour across the north coast on the train and then my dad and keith turned up and since then we've been floating about in Galicia trying to locate some vegetarian food (not much of it about!) ...

Tommorow we hit Santiago, although very likely not on foot, still Im looking forward to seeing the place after walking towards it for so long. I guess whatever happens now our long walk is over and as for the future, well, who knows?

p.s. anyone know a good spanish doctor?

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