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Wednesday 18th July 2007 - 4:15pm
Finisterra in map square [A3]
by Sandra

Well, here we are at the END OF THE WORLD in Fisterra/Finisterra - having walked the 90 kilometers from Santiago. The weather has beentrue to form and it has rained everyday - indeed the first two days we set off into thick mist passing inumerable spots where our guide book told us to "look back for incomparable views of . . . (whatever)" - still at least it wasnīt hot.

On the third day the mist and drizzle lifted a bit and we did get some wonderful views of coast and mountains - but just in case we got too complacent the heavens opened on our way down the mountain and we picked our way down the usual mountain path/waterfall through drenching rain to Cee/Corcubion.

Itīs good having Scott here - we stop at EVERY bar and have drinks and lots of 'raciones' (large helpings of tapas)and bocadillos (huge baguette sandwiches).

We did the expected pilgrim thing and walked up to the lighthouse at the very tip of the Finisterra peninsula last night and watched the sun dropping into the sea - it was very romantic - and since July 13th (note well-chosen date!) we have now been married 33 years!

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