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Thursday 10th May 2007 - 4:14pm
Aumont-Aubrac in map square [E2]
by Susan
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hello, look at this a computer again already!
well to fill you in...
we hiked up and down some seriously high mountains in and out of the hugest gorge you`ve ever seen at monistrol and then for the past few days we`ve been wondering across a `gently undulating`(!?!) plateau which has been pretty nice.... the plateau is good, lots of nice cheese to eat, everywhere is either forest or vast meadows of all colours of wildflowers.... yesterday was by far the best views but it was a little hot for fat + sunburnt me!
The only problem with this place is that apparently there is a beast that eats people roaming around....
you can find out about it [HERE] eek!

p.s. apparently according to my postcard i spelt yesterday`s location wrong it`s really Saint-Alban-sur-Limagnole
p.p.s. remember to put your suncream on...!

p.p.p.s. also my phone doesn`t seem to work so anyone that`s texted me recently i can recieve stuff but sorry i cant reply. cheers though! :)

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