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Wednesday 27th May 2009 - 11:06am
Fisterra by Susan
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So we`ve escaped to the end of the earth for a while...

I think Tim was in so much pain he could not go on, neither did he want to...he kept giving me this look like "why are you slowly torturing me by making me walk through ugly factories in the rain on holiday...!"

After another slow rainy day reaching Pontevedra I concluded two things...
1) i already have a compostela what am i doing?
2) i have now walked over 1700+ kms of camino pathway and if st james wants to get a bit funny about me skipping the last 60 or so of this one thatīs his own problem....

Of course once i actually quit i felt flipping terrible about leaving 3 days from the end, i may well go back and finish off the last 3 days on my own after Timīs gone so i can feel better...

They very handily sited the albergue in Pontevedra right next to both the bus and the train station! Maybe they figured that after 3 days of ugly galicia all the pilgrims want to quit and get on public transport? Certainly they sell some very heavy looking items in the albergue at Pontevedra (huge clocks with statues of st james on etc) so they must reckon youīre not planning of carrying anything too far...

We got "chocolate amd churros" at the train station as we waited for a train to Santiago. Fast becoming the "end of camino" traditional food choice i feel... So ok get this:
Train - 67km Pontevedra to Santiago cost: 5.50 Euros
Bus - 87km Santiago to Finisterre cost: 12.50 Euros!!!!!
Why does a bus going only slightly further cost twice as much as the train in Galicia??? Only the Galicians know surely? :S
Maybe they are subsidising people to get out of Pontevedra??? :S

The bus journey was interesting enough, mind THREE HOURS!!! which for those of us who can barely manage 20mins on a bus without wanting to throw up it was quite an ordeal...
Tim, bless him, tried to get us a better deal, iīm sure last year we managed to find an express bus that took only two hours with a change in between so i got a five minute breather but his attempts in Spanish to get this across at the ticket office were not fruitful.. "get this english guy asking for a shorter bus, the ticket ladies cackled, ha, ha, ha, he wants a bus but a few metres shorter? a minibus maybe?" they thought tim was very funny... and we got the 3 hour bus...

On the upside we did see a LOT of very, very pretty galicia, which was reassuring after 3 days of walking past rainy smelly fish factories it was good to know that there is also huge expanses of absolutely STUNNING coastline, vast sandy beaches and blue blue sea....

Finisterre is very very pretty, the sun is shining and the sea is sparkly... we even made it up to faro to watch the sun go down last night! Unfortunately after 2 hours wait in the cold (donīt ask the barman when the sun goes down cos he doesnīt know) i missed the eactly moment the sun went below the sea as I was posing for a photo with my back to it. A photo that didnīt actually come out cos Tim canīt work digital cameras... but still. Another few caminos Iīll get the end of the earth sunset thign just right maybe?

We are staying in possibly not the best room in town, the plumbing ensures that everytime anyone else in the room useds their bathrom it sounds like a flood is occurring in ours, plus all the water that comes down the sink quickly comes back out into the shower again... At least weīre not sharing with about 50 snoring men thougth...

Tim is looking much happier now he no longer has to walk anywhere with a backpack on or stay in any more albergues. Apparently relaxing by the sea is what holidays are about..!??!!! :s

Also there is some kind of terrible football on later that he very excited about but he has to pretend heīs not english for some reason...

Not the best time to mention football in geordieland though i guess... oops!

So I suppose i should really get off the net and go out and check out the Sol eh?

Hasta Luego Amigos!

p.s. MUM - Can you give me the address of what post office it was you sent my boots to? Cheers!
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Comment Added: Wednesday 27th May 2009 - 5:34pm
"I sent the boots to:

(your name)
Lista de Correos
15780 Santiago de Compostella
A Coruna

Now I don't know which one that is - information on the web was not helpful - you'll just have to ask in Santiago where to go for 15780 Lista de Correos. Make sure you stress the "lista" bit cos "correos" just means post office.

Glad Tim is feeling a bit better. How are your blisters?"
by Mum

Comment Added: Thursday 28th May 2009 - 10:16am
"So let me get this straight, youīve sent my boots to a random number somewhere in hopefully Santiago, possibly A Coruna?????!!?? Great! Iīll ask around then, in my fluent spanish!!!!! :o!

Blisters are pretty good since Iīm not actually walking anywhere!! Nice stroll across the lovely beach yesterday looking at shells in the sunshine... Tim now has very sunburnt feet!!!"
by Susan

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