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Friday 29th May 2009 - 6:24pm
Santiago De Compostela by Susan
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Well, Iīm in Santiago, but I didnīt walk there which always makes me a little sad...

Tim wasnīt well enough to get up for the fast bus to Santiago this morning (i think he is not very keen on this holiday generally...!) so we got stuck on the horrendous 3 hour stomach lurching sick bus back today... And it was HOT! SO HOT! I dunno what temperature its supposed to be but the famarcias are all saying 30+ and Tim said he saw one that said 33deg!!!!

Anyways I estimate that the temp inside the bus was at least twice that, the good news is that Tim claims the heat has burnt off most of his fever... By the time we made it into town on the latest hottest sickest bus ever of course all the hotels in town were completo! We collapsed into a cafe (some of us hadnīt eaten all day due to bus-sickness) and then the waiter forgot our order!!!

For a while it looked like we were either sleeping in the five star parador (which might have been completo too actually) or the park... which might not have been too bad as its quite a nice park (and parador!) but we finally found a hotel that looked so expensive we walked past it initially... The sad thing is the guy gave us a bit of money off, its possible that he thought we were very tired pilgrims rather than two sick people who came on a bus...

Tim is asleep now, I think heīs looking forward to england. I hope he wakes up enough to let me back in the room....

So, the crucial question is....



a)walk the last 3 days of the portugese route from pontevedra (i wonīt get a compostela tho i think as iīve taken a week off in the middle of the last 100km)
b)walk back out to finisterre?
c)walk to muxia?
d)walk back down the frances? (canīt really be bothered to be honest)
e)walk backwards down the portugese seeing all the bits i missed when tim was moaning about his leg hurting and i was wincing due to blister pain...
f)walk some of the norte (i think i donīt have enough money left to do all of it..!)
g)go back and hang out in my parents house being a bit broke and fed up?

answers on a postcard/comments please:...

as you can imagine iīm planning on leaving it til the absolute last minute to decide...sigh!!
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