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Tuesday 18th August 2009 - 6:28pm
Newcastle Upon Tyne by Susan
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I seem to be going back to Spain.... not quite sure how that happened :S

Busy packing... I'm possibly considering something quite controversial LEAVING MY CAMERA AT HOME!!

I will almost certainly regret it but it does make me pack a little bit lighter plus it means I won't have to worry about all the other stuff:
spare memory cards,
spare batteries etc etc..

Plus I may have dropped it in some sand a while ago and not quite been able to fully close the lens cap ever since,
so um,
yeah maybe I won't take it.
and all that,
or like,
take pictures on my phone.


Oh damnit, I'm going to regret it aren't I!!!?????? :S

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Comment Added: Monday 31st August 2009 - 7:31pm
"OK. When ya going."
by happywanderer

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