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Saturday 16th May 2009 - 4:16pm
Porto by Susan
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So here I am - in Portugal! And I have no clue what ANYONE is saying! Itīs like Spanish but even more incomprehensible somehow!

I havenīt seen much of Porto yet, although I hear there is a river... Iīve mostly seen the airport and two cafes. Just took Zoe off to the airport to catch two flights to germany (managed to get her pro-plus in the end!). Staying a fairly nice hotel, although most of Porto, inside and out, seems to smell of cigarette smoke as far as I can tell. Itīs Zoeīs birthday today "HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZOE!" and she is heading towards Oliver, I belive she gets in at ten to midnight just in time for him to say "happy birthday"! :)

Architectural notes on Porto Airport are that it has a much more impressive structurally interesting roof and is far nicer and cleaner than Stansted, a place for which I am beginning to develop a deep dislike...

The plan is to set off walking tommorow... although, and here I have a confession to make.. I am seriously considering īcheatingī!! No really, all the advice is NOT to walk out of Porto but to take a bus/metro to somewhere outside of town thus avoiding a horible walk through industrial Porto and apparently a terrifying and dangerous backpack-lumbered run across a high-speed double carriageway...

There seems to be much conflicting advice as to where and how exactly to try to get out of Porto on public transport and then rejoin the route.... The woman in the tourist office seemed very unsure. So I will let you know how we do. I just read a funny suggestion that if I take the metro to somewhere then it will be an easy 28km walk to the first albergue! 28km! Are they kidding!?! On my first day? So I really hope we figure out a better option than that, I will let you know how we get on!

I wonder what rural portugal is like? I suspect itīs broadband access all the way eh? Anyhows just in case I donīt get back to computer before Santiago...

"Adios Amigos" or whatever they say in Portugal (I still donīt know!) and take care of yourselves!

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Comment Added: Sunday 17th May 2009 - 5:36pm
by Susan's Mum

Comment Added: Sunday 17th May 2009 - 5:39pm
"yeah, yeah, cheat please . . . i can't bear to think of your poor feet, knees, backs etc. , , after 28k (that's almost 18 miles!!!)."
by Mum

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