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Wednesday 20th May 2009 - 4:37pm
Ponte De Lima by Susan
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Well we are here! We made it! 34km in the blistering (literally!) heat!!!

We are having a day off today as you can imagine! Actually i can hardly walk... It took us TWELVE HOURS!! I kid you not!!! 6.30am to 6.30pm!!!! I think it was mainly the HEAT which was too much for english people. Truly I was not expecting it to be so hot, the past two years walking in france and spain in late May have been rainy rainy rainy... It is very hot an sunny here (although a spanish lady told us she was a bit cold!) We were pretty much fine until the midday heat set in and then we were crawling along hot shadeless roads very very slowly...

We did everything we could feet-wise, stopped a lot, got our feet out, changed our socks re-applied creams and tape etc. To be honest my feet were totally fine until about 4 in the afternoon by which point i think it was too hot and we had gone too far. Now I am nursing two of the biggest blisters i have ever seen and iīve seen a lot of blisters....

Itīs a pity as Ponte De Lima is really very pretty. We decided to take a day off here (as reccommended by zoe and the guidebook) but even today I can barely manage to limp around. I am dreading putting my boots back on which is sad as the first two days were delightfully blister free. Tim has some little blisters but mainly just sore legs i think... It was too far for a third day. They should hurry up and build an albergue in the middle i reckon!!!!!

The walking has all been very pretty. Once outside Porto the landscape has all been lovely. It is hilly, but nothing after Le Puy and the Monistrol Gorge! And certainly not the Pyrennees hilly... Mind you there is very big hill coming up tommorow and right at the hottest part of the day I suspect!

At least all the sun makes my photos look very lovely! I have also been painting the churches (apart from last night when I collapsed in the nearest bed without even eating!)

The hardest thing about Portugal (apart from our rubbish portugese) as that vege food is impossible to come by! I think we have pretty much given up finding me any iron-rich foods... they donīt seem to have heard of eggs, i havenīt seen spinach since porto, even finding vegetables in general has been tough. I just pray i can hold out til Spain by eating a lots of chocolate and nuts but Iīm feeling a bit faint!!

The road-walking a has also been a little scary, the other day we were side-swiped by a car overtaking a flashing light ambulance!!! Still I think if we make it will will be in Spain in two days time where I hope there will be cheap albergues and tortillas a-plenty!! :)

Stayed in a nice (and the nearest) hotel last night (i donīt think weīdīve made it to the youth hostel) (no albergues here) Yesterday they gave us a 20% discount on the room for being pilgrims and today weīve found a slightly cheaper one!

Catch you later guys, if i can walk that is!

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Comment Added: Wednesday 20th May 2009 - 5:19pm
"Stay another day PLEASE! It's supposed to be a holiday NOT purgatory!!!"
by Mum

Comment Added: Wednesday 20th May 2009 - 8:21pm
"Have you tried for spinach? It's in season here - I am full to the gills with it at the moment - mainly cos I have masses and masses for free at the allotment. Espinacas con Garbanzas - Spinach with Chick Peas - in Spanish - not sure about the Portugues - can't be too different - iron rich and protein full."
by Mum

Comment Added: Thursday 21st May 2009 - 2:17pm
"Did you find this site?

Quite interesting and they even apologise for the lack of hostals in some of the descriptions - no advice on where to stay between Barcelos and Ponte de Lima though."
by Mum

Comment Added: Thursday 21st May 2009 - 2:47pm
"More staying place recommendations:

with pics."
by Mum

Comment Added: Saturday 23rd May 2009 - 2:23pm
"Well done! Might be about time to slow down a little, though, eh?"
by Keith

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