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Friday 22nd May 2009 - 4:40pm
Valenca by Susan
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We´re here just the Portugese side of the border from Spain! Look you can practically see´s just over there on the other side of the river!!!

We decided to stop here cos it´s supposed to be interesting, big old fortress on a hill, also we like portugal, also we´re thinking of breaking tommorow´s 30km into two so we have a few kms to spare rather than hike on the 3km into Spain and also frankly cos we´re knackered!!!

After our nice day in Ponte De Lima we managed to limp over a REALLY BIG (i won´t tell you the word zoe used to describe it but it was fairly rude) HILL 17km to a hostel just outside Rubiaes (Sao Roque). The hostel was pretty nice but the woman chucked us out pretty early this morning so best avoided if you´re not the early morning type!

The good news though is that i´ve finally managed to get some tortilla! Last night the hostel lady arranged some bloke to come and drive us all to a restaurant where some german vegetarians we sat with very usefully ordered us all some vege omlette and mixed salad "sin carne" and then today (i guess cos we´re only kms from spain) there was tortilla in the bar!

Am feeling a bit better, i still have agonising blisters and cannot put my heels down but we´ve both been walking in sandals the past two days and i´ve managed to tip-toe two lots of 17km and get some decent food!

Staying in a very nice albergue at the fire station tonight (all good apart from the sirens...!) :)

Portugal has all been very very pretty and the portugese have all been friendly. The walking once past Barcelos has often been through nice woodland or country paths through vineyards and without the huge backpack and giant blisters would all have been delightful...

Cést La Vie eh!

Manana Espanha!
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Comment Added: Saturday 23rd May 2009 - 2:24pm
"Well done! Might be about time to slow down a little, though, eh?

by Keith

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