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Monday 25th May 2009 - 4:46pm
Pontevedra by Susan
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Hey, so Pontevedra eh?

Actually Tim and our mochillas are 1.5km further back down the trail in the albergue. I have bravely ventured into not the nicest town ever to search for internet and bus timetables for Tim who can no longer walk...

Been pretty grim since we got to Spain, non-stop Galician rain, sore feet, Tim has a swollen leg. We wouldve put him in a taxi hours ago if we couldve found one, or even a bar or something that wasnt cerrado rather than miles and miles of soaking wet paths and horrible roads...

Not sure how much longer either of us want to go on...
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Comment Added: Wednesday 27th May 2009 - 5:43pm
"There is a Parador at Pontevedra. They claim:

"Humble and sheltered at the end of its estuary; bathed in the scent of memories by the Lérez estuary; blessed with a climate that is surprising for these attitudes; sanctified by extraordinary streets and crosses; bewitched, coy, and vain: Pontevedra is the other envy of Galicia."

Perhaps you were just in a bad bit?"
by Mum

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