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Saturday 10th May 2008 - 4:19pm
Villafranca Montes de Oca in map square [D2]
by Sandra
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Pouring with rain, wet and cold, so they didn't walk too far today (12 km) and have stopped at Villafranca. It was one of those hostels that we often came across in France, where it is left open and you are invited to go in and find a bed. So they were able to get out of the rain as soon as they arrived instead of having to wait in a cold, wet, queue.

My endeavours to persuade them to have a comfortable night and a perhaps a rest day have been in vain and they are intending to walk to Atapuerca tomorrow (18 km but over a big hill). Burgos - the biggest city on the route - awaits them the following day.

Let's hope the weather changes again soon for the better. Ironic when we are basking in intense heat . . .

Despite everything they are making very fast progress and will soon be on a new map square!

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