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Sunday 11th May 2008 - 6:41pm
Atapuerca in map square [D2]
by Susan
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Hello! ILve found free internet in some funny little visitor centre - something to do with some bones they dug up here! :)

Well, to fill you in... yesterday was seriously cold and rainy, had a reassuring conversation with a welsh man in the morning (and youLd think heLd be used to it!) about the miserable weather and the fact that youLre all having a heatwave in england.

We didnLt go far in the rain yesterday about 13km to Villafranca which wasnLt very exciting. We hung out there all day and i think the only interesting thing was that the church wasnLt actually locked and there was a really big shell for a font! Oh and I forgot Zoe splashed headlong through all the water (well above ankle height we virtually waded there from Belorado!) and sang a river song! :) [see photo]

Today was much nicer - lots of folks took the road including the two mexican women in our room tonight who are frankly horrified by how cold it is - but we went over the mountains. Which werenLt very mountainous and it was a really lovely walk 18km or so through woods, which zoe tells me were magic and it stopped raining occasionally and was really very scenic!

The sun has actually come out now! LetLs hope it stays out - weLre headed into Burghos tommorow and then weLll be in a new map sqaure! Saw a sign today in Ages (very pretty village) that said we only have 518km left to go to Santiago..... [see photo]

Just a hop, skip and a jump eh! :)

p.s. heard a funny story from a kiwi guy the other day that i keep meaning to blog about - remind me later!

Comment Added: Sunday 11th May 2008 - 8:26pm
"Well done both! And especially Zoe for singing through the mud and keeping my daughter fed.

The long range forecast I looked at was cloudy, cold and a bit rainy for the next week - which is not, perhaps, a bad thing, given that you will be walking across the empty, shadeless meseta soon (the bit I refused to do last July). And, with all the rain, it might be green and interesting rather than hot, dusty and dried up like usually.

Hope Burgos is OK tomorrow!"
by Mum

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