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Friday 16th May 2008 - 6:43pm
Itero De La Vega in map square [C2]
by Susan
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Hello there from the land where they still have dial-up internet!!!!!! :s :s

Very pretty walking today, we passed through Castrojeriz today for those folks keeping up on the map! It was a very pretty town we almost stayed but I think we are trying to make up some mileage after the slow-ill past couple of days... did about 20km to this nice place called Itero De Le Vega which is by a river and very sunny.

It´s Zoe´s birthday today! :) "Happy Birthday Zoe" She´s gone out for a walk in the sunshine (instead of going on the computer - how odd! :S) I think she had quite a nice day the walking was beautiful today miles of fields and birds singing etc...

We walked under a big archway of the ruins at San Anton and along tree lined roads to Castojeriz which is stretched out along a hillside beneath some dramatic looking ruins! Then we headed up a VERY large hill which those of us who still can´t digest solid food since they were given meat soup days ago found a bit hard going but the views from the top were spectacular!!! Coming down the other side we could see for miles and miles and miles and miles and miles and miles across fields of green crops and the path stretching out across the meseta...! :)

Followed a nice river into town here and staying in a nice place with a sunny backyard.

Managed to buy a nice warm fleecy jumper today (anyone tells you Spain is warm is lying - i´m freezing!) and we almost caught a post office open in Castrojeriz but guess what it´s only open for 45 minutes every weekday (9 til 9.45am) and unfortunately we got there at 10 past 10! Hee!

Am still pretty ill but doing a bit better for those of you that are worried - I managed to eat a plain yoghurt today!!

Will be looking out for that donkey....

p.s. I forgot to say yesterday about the nice thing that happened in Hornillos. we got talking (well mostly they talked and we said ´no understand´ a lot..) to a couple of very old spanish blokes by their allotment which was out the back of the albergue and zoe was very complimentary about the guy´s allotment (which he proudly told us he´d been tending for 64 years) and she told him i was ill cos I ate some meat and he gave us some fresh lettuce leaves that he´d grown (for the ´white vegetarian one´!) wasn´t that nice! :) also those lettuce leaves were just about all I ate that day so it was very nice! [see photo]

Comment Added: Friday 16th May 2008 - 9:11pm
"Happy Birthday, Zoe! No doubt you're both out celebrating!

I hope Susan's mama has been giving you nutrition advice, as I'm not sure a few lettuce leaves will really keep you going 20km a day..."
by Keith

Comment Added: Friday 16th May 2008 - 10:41pm
"Hello Susan, I’m really enjoying the blogs, although I was sorry to hear about the food poisoning. Plain yogurt very good, not so sure about the lettuce (well, it used to give my rabbit diarrhea, but then as my homeopath says “Its better out than in...;-). Make sure you always make up, carry and sip frequently a bottle of homemade Suero Casero (a basic measure contains 250 ml of mineral water, one dessert spoon of sugar and a good pinch of salt) which will keep you properly hydrated and costs a lot less than all those flash isotonic drinks they sell. Anyway, hope you feel better soon and continue to enjoy the lovely countryside, with or without a donkey (and even though we don’t actually know each other, Happy Birthday to Zoe)."
by Caroline

Comment Added: Sunday 18th May 2008 - 10:12pm

from a rather nice set"
by Mum

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