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Monday 19th May 2008 - 6:10pm
Carrion De Los Condes in map square [C2]
by Susan
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Hello Folks, Thanks for all the comments, messages, texts etc :)

Well.. the day after Itero it turned out that a few lettuce leaves do not constitute enough energy to walk 20km a day and I had to sit down A LOT the next morning.... still the good news was that I one point Zoe spotted a GIANT rosemary bush and harvested some rosemary which she said was good for me and made me eat some. So I just about crawled to Boadilla which was about 10km away and it turned ut there was a seriously nice hostel there (nice gardens and horses outside which was nice for zoe) and they gave us hot water which zoe made me rosemary tea with which made me feel a bit better and anyway we ended up staying there... :)

As mum has mentioned that evening I hadnt eaten for several days and wed left it too late to buy food but 3 german ladies shared their food with me and were very concerned and Ive been eating more and more ever since. We did about 20km yesterday to Villalcazar se Sirga (through Fromista for those with a map) which was quite a nice little village with a REALLY large church!

I accidentally sat in what turned out to be the busiest spot in the village (outside the main bar on sunday lunchtime!) to paint the church and became something of a local celebrity. Of course Ive no idea what any of them were saying but I soon became known as the english artist sitting in the cold and old spanish folks from all over were heading over to give me important art advice in a language I dont understand...! :)

So just as I was feeling better today Zoe has come down with the sore throat cold thing that I had last week so we only made it a pathetic 5km today... Were in Carrion de los Condes. Apparently the Condes are some Counts that got murdered by El Cid a dude who I should really get around to finding out who he is as he seems to be pretty big round here! Staying in a hostel run by some nuns (only cold water - something which will not surprise mum who went to a convent school i imagine) Brrrr....

Anyway there is a big internet queue so Id better go...
Zoe has been to every pharmacy in town and seems to be doing a bit better. Heres hoping we actually feel up to walking somewhere soon eh!?!


Comment Added: Monday 19th May 2008 - 9:58pm
"Well done, mook.

It sounds like you've met some nice pilgrims that have helped you out a bit. Hope Zoe feels better soon. Keep trying to find those nice veggies!"
by Keith & Mama

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