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Wednesday 21st May 2008 - 5:15pm
Sahagun in map square [C2]
by Susan
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Hello There! Look FREE internet! Weīre in a very interesting hostel tonight, itīs done out kind of gaudi style outside and inside the beds are in a kind of giant antique warehouse style room... there are flags and everything. [see photo] Sahagun, which seems to be the biggest place weīve seen in ages, looks pretty interesting, lots of falling down churches.. been painting one outside in the rain under an umbrella - thatīs suffering for your art for you! :)

Well to fill you in....

Yesterday Zoe was sick... when I got up I found her stoically mopping up the mess on the floor (she didnīt quite get to the loo) with a mop and bucket in typical considerate zoe style. She insisted on going on though (i think another night with the nuns and the cold showers didnīt appeal) and we walked all the way to Caldadilla de la Cueza which was the nearest town (a mere 17km away!) She is still ill and still going - she is "well īard" zoe is..!!! (though she hasnīt actually been sick again so i hope sheīs doing a bit better)

The walking yesterday was amazing, mostly along a very long straight old roman road with nothing but miles and miles of flat fields and the odd tree in sight. The sky was MASSIVE and there was hardly a cloud in it yesterday and it was SO BLUE! Like a vast ocean of blue-ness it was really impressive!! In the far distance to the right we could see distant mountains with snow on (on the map) which mum tells a thrilling story about how she climbed one once....

After miles and miles of not a building in sight (john the english caravan man was on hand for refreshments and blister treatments en-route) when the tip of a church spire from the village we were making for finally appeared it looked a bit like a mirage!

Last nightīs village basically consisted of one street, it wasnīt all that entertaining, though the main excitement occurred when the fruit van came. Although all these little villages donīt have shops occasionally a van will appear and beep itīs horn a lot and everyone runs out of their house and buys whatever itīs selling - Last night was fruit (i bought 3 apples and a tomato) and in the morning itīs usually fresh pan (bread) - We even saw a van selling shoes a while back!

Just before I go Iīll tell you about the other night at the nunīs place (Santa Maria I think it was...?). I decided to go to the nunīs pilgrim blessing cos I thought it would be nice. I havenīt been to anything like that this year (I almost went to pilgrim mass in Belorado but I went to sleep instead) and I figured Í should go. Anyway it started off quite good with lots of nice spanish guitar playing and singing. Anyway the service was in Spanish with a German translation (most people on the walk these days are german..) and unfortunately my german is as rusty as my spanish is bad so I barely understood a word. In fact the only thing I understood was everytime they said rucksack (which was surprisingly often!)... Anyhow at some point I looked around and realised everyone else was crying!!!! Then they gave us all a small cardboard star (cue more crying!!!) and we got blessed and that was the end and I was pretty confused...! I tried asking the Austrian girl next to me what it was all about but she just said her English wasnīt up to it and burst into tears!!!!

So I might skip any pilgrim blessings in future I reckon - itīs a bit disconcerting being in a room full of folks crying and youīve no clue why - anyone want a small cardboard star? :s :s

Comment Added: Wednesday 21st May 2008 - 8:20pm
"Thanks for all your news and for the super cards, which arrived today. Really love the paintings! Zoe seems chirpy in her texts - I expect she felt better after getting rid of stuff! I had to be a pair of feet for Tim to do a practical exam today. It was altogether an unexpectedly nice experience and the tutor told me Tim's lovely. (Perhaps it was a mix-up and she meant someone else...)"
by J/M

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