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Thursday 22nd May 2008 - 6:19pm
El Burgo Ranero in map square [C2]
by Susan
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Hello Fans! More free internet....! (at least i hope it´s free..... :s)

So we did a short one today about 17km up the road to El Burgo Ranero (I think mum said it´s name had something to with frogs but I may have imaigned that) I think we were both a bit tired from our 23km before 12 midday thing yesterday! Quite nice here in a pretty nice Donativo Hostel (Donativo=Donate some money) with a donkey outside!

Yes! A donkey!!! We were just moaning the other day that we hadn´t seen anyone walking with a donkey and now we have! Zoe seems happy to see it (she even expertly rescued it when it got it´s leg caught!!)! The french guy travelling with it is staying in our room and we can see it munching away on grass outside our window. Apparently we´ve been walking alongside it for a couple of days but we only heard it last night (it´s pretty loud) and today´s the first time we´ve actually spotted it! [see photo]

Not much else to say about this village, I found a big pond, possibly where some frogs live? Tell you what I´ll tell you the New Zealand guy´s story that I was gonna tell you ages ago...

So this kiwi guy we met and his wife were in a place somewhere back along the route and they heard the bells ringing in a church they were walking past so they thought oh a service how nice we should go in (not understanding any spanish at all obviously!) (who does?)
Anyhow so they went in very friendly like, all Hola! Hola! etc to the locals who were all dressed up for church... and all the locals muttered a bit and weren´t very friendly but they figured well we´re the foreigners we´ll be friendly so they smiles and said Hola! a lot and sat down. And so all the candles got lit and stuff and it all looked very nice and they were sitting there thinking oh this´ll be a nice service etc Hola! Hola! etc but none of the locals were very friendly so they thought maybe it was their casual pilgrim dress or something? Anyway the music started and the priest came out and then down the central aisle came.... yes you guessed it they gatecrashed a funeral!!!! I guess that kind of thing happens when you´re a stranger in a foreign country!

Apparently they waited till everyone had their heads down for prayers and backed out of the place....

That guy had some other stories - I´ll fill you in sometime. Think he and his wife stopped at Burgos and headed off on a cruise... very wise! :D

Sign today said 350km left to go to Santiago... Catch you later readers! :)

Comment Added: Thursday 22nd May 2008 - 6:27pm
"I forgot to mention we keep seeing giant lizards! Really huge... more like dragons really.... :)!!!"
by susan

Comment Added: Thursday 22nd May 2008 - 7:06pm
Over half way now! My book reckons on about 730 km from Pamplona to Santiago - so you must have walked about 380 km (c. 235 miles) and now have only about 215 miles to go! Piece of cake!"
by Mum

Comment Added: Thursday 22nd May 2008 - 8:43pm
"Gosh! Bring a dragon back! And maybe you can make off with the donkey while no one is looking?"
by Keith

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