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Tuesday 27th May 2008 - 4:47pm
Astorga in map square [B2]
by Susan
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Check us out in a new map square!!!!!! :)

So weīre in Astorga! We took the scenic route from Leon which has been very pretty but a little longer... Astorga looks kinda interesting, capital of the mule-a-teers (folks who ran the mules) so zoeīs book tells me...

The cathedral looks impressive, although I havenīt actually found a way in yet (anyone know where the door is??) staying in a hostel just down the road from the cathedral. We arrived on market day which freaked zoe out a little (not a big fan of crowds) but I went back and had a good look round. Not dissimilar from the old newcastle quayside market it seemed to mainly consist of dodgy coloured socks and knocked off clothing...

I am on the hunt for a pair of gloves (my hands are freeezing!!! Spain is VERY COLD!) And weīre about to head over some mountains which the rumour abounds amongst pilgrims will involve walking through some snow!!!!!!!

Weīve been headed towards the mountains for a couple of days although zoe has been convincing herself they are just low hanging dark clouds and not mountains at all... Well we can hope!

I should just catch you all up on the last couple of days. The Jesus Refuge (in Mazarife) (the one with the boat in the garden!) was REALLY COOL! They let me paint on the walls!!!!! How cool is that, they even provide pens and crayons and stuff so you can just doodle all over the walls and everything! I got my paints out and did a pic with me and zoe and nell (zoeīs staff) (named after the elephant) headed towards santiago and finisterre with a nice sunset in the background. I took a photo that I will bore you all with later. When I came out of the bathroom later that evening all the people that worked there were all stood round in a huddle discussing it. I really like people who let me paint on walls.... :D [see photo]

Spent last night in Hospital De Orbigo which has a really big old bridge. They have a medieval jousting tournament there that we missed by a week or so but it was all set up for the jousting with flags and tents and stuff - looks exciting - you should all go! The hostel last night was all covered in art as well (although all niced framed pictures not doodles on walls). I think the woman there must have been an artist as there was an easel all set up... I left a painting behind (there seemed to be random paintings by pilgrims everywhere) of the church at Rabe De La Calzada (I donīt like that one as it reminds me of being sick) so maybe sheīll keep it and frame it who knows?

So itīs been an artistic few days, I managed to find some pens today in Astorga (my one art pen has run out) but still no sign of any more watercolor paper so Iīll have to be sparing with the art for a while...

Ooo also we met the donkey again today! I dunno if I told you all itīs a french donkey and itīs name is "Tommy". I had a brief chat with one of the guys walking with Tommy in my frankly terrible french (which he was very patient about) apparently they have walked from france! From somewhere near Lourdes. Although the two guys are off to Finisterre apparently the donkey is only going to Santiago. I really wanted to say that maybe the donkey would like to go to the seaside (surely the home of donkeys??) but sadly my french wasnīt quite up to it....

So zoeīs been making lots of nice food which she keeps telling me to mention, she fed four people tonight with food to spare. Very vegetable-y chick peas beans nuts etc... very tasty mmmm! Oh and the nice german lady (who gave me some of her cheese sandwich when I was ill) gave us a whole bowl of olives last night! I like her!!!

Zoe looking very cool still.

Iīm off out now as I heard a rumour thereīs a chocolate museum in this town.......

Mmmmmm........ :)

Comment Added: Tuesday 27th May 2008 - 6:29pm
"Chocolate Museum - according to this you get a free sample:

I guess this will be your favourite place then?

. . . longing to see the photos of the wall you painted on!"
by Mum

Comment Added: Tuesday 27th May 2008 - 6:54pm
"sadly I donīt think Iīm gonna make it to the chocolate museum... but never fear I have purchased some VERY tasty 75% cacao nutty chocolate that I am busy devouring.... (have to check the free sample museum out next time!!)

good news is that i found a way into the cathedral, and purchased many many postcards for my postcard collection as a result!

any ideas what a sheep and a flag have to do with astorga? seeing sheeps with flags a lot everywhere!

I love this internet itīs in a seperate room and I donīt think anyone else has found it yet... so itīs all for me, me, me...! (last night I waited an hour for the internet and then the woman running the hostel sent me to bed and I didnīt get on at all!!! :( )

p.s. maybe you can stay in the jesus hostel yourself and check my artwork out??"
by susan

Comment Added: Tuesday 27th May 2008 - 6:56pm
"Happy New Square! It's great you're being so creative with the paints and food respectively. The mountains sound daunting - the main thing is to keep your clothes dry. I've seen a chap become very chilled (not in a good way) walking in the Cheviots without waterproof trousers. No-one had spare clothes and he was very uncomfortable, to put it mildly. x x"
by M/J

Comment Added: Tuesday 27th May 2008 - 8:17pm
"Congratulations! Doesn't look very far now. Well, on the map it doesn't, at least.

Also, a very fine update: the best yet!"
by Moo

Comment Added: Tuesday 27th May 2008 - 8:25pm
"AGNUS DEI - the Lamb of God (i.e. Jesus) see

Not quite sure what it has to do with Astorga unless there is a St. John the Baptist association. His words, "Ecce Agnus Dei qui tollis peccata mundi" (Behold the Lamb of Good who taketh away the sins of the world) - a much chanted phrase of my youth."
by Mum

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