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Tuesday 29th April 2008 - 7:03pm
Cizor Menor in map square [D1]
by Susan
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Well look we made it to Spain! And we´ve even started walking!!!

We´ve done about 5km so far so we must be almost there by now... surely?

We´re pretty sleepy. We dozed through Barcelona yesterday and dozed on and off through the night train across Spain and then we dozed though this morning until Pamplona woke up and we could get Zoe a Pilgrim Passport and more importantly buy some postcards!

We had to go to the Archbishop´s Palace to get the Pilgrim Passport which was pretty fancy looking but the Archbishop himself didn´t actually come out to give it to us more´s the pity... maybe he wasn´t up yet?

We walked here through some pretty nice outskirts of Pamplona which is a very green city with nice old walls and gates and stuff. It´s all very sunny and Spain-ish!

This little village is very pleasant and the place we´re staying is lovely with nice gardens. No hot water though so I had my first cold shower since last year´s walk. Feel like a proper pilgrim again now!

Zoe´s been mega-brave doing all the Spanish talking it´s amazing! I´d still be stuck miles away hoping to find a sign so I didn´t have to talk to anyone without her!

Zoe said this morning that "Planes are great; Trains are great; And Spain is GREAT!" so I´m guessing it´s going fairly well so far...

Mind we have to walk over a REALLY big hill tommorow...

Oh and p.s. Zoe said it would be good if I mentioned how cool her hair is looking. Very cool. :)

Comment Added: Tuesday 29th April 2008 - 10:00pm
"Well done! Mama's almost as excited as Zoe seems to be! Keep it up!"
by Keith

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