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Thursday 29th May 2008 - 5:03pm
El Acebo in map square [B2]
by Susan
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Hi guys thats for all the encouraging comments!!! :)

Gotta be quick as Im only allowed 15mins on the net and I already checked my email....

Spent yesterday in the English hostel in Rabanal which was really lovely. We were lucky to get a bed as there were only 24 going! Ive been joking for weeks about them giving us cups of tea and stuff but they really did!!! Loads of free cups of nice tea with milk and biscuits! And free breakfast of jam and tea and toast this morning! Wow it was lovely there. Also as it was so small it was kinda cosy (might have been the heater in the kitchen - the warmest Ive been for weeks!) and randomly lots of people weve bumped into and become frendly with over the past few weeks all showed up there at once so it was all very friendly!

Weve been very social recently! Zoe met a nice german chap in Astorga and weve talked to all kinds of folks, even a guy from Uraguay (possible misspelling of that country!) where apparently the highest hill is 300m above sea level! Last night we had a lovely vegetarian meal (all veggies and lentils and good stuff) with a lovely british couple who live in New Zealand that weve met a few times as well as a nice lady from Paris who has walked down from Le Puy! The french lady walked through the Aubrac in heavy snow in March/April time!!!

Today has been ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!!!!!! I cannot get across how amaziningly beautiful the views were! Zoe has been singing virtually all day with happiness, apparently she loves the sky and the rain and the water and the clouds and slate and quartz and even the little plastic leaves in stuck to the bathroom walls... I think shes had a good day! It was thick rain and mist walking up the mountain but as soon as we got to the Cross of Ferro the sun came out and it was all so beautiful! The cross is the place youre supposed to leave your stone from home but I forgot to bring mine.. still luckily I had a backup small shell that brought to leave somewhere so I wrote on the back and left that (photo to come later). [see photo]

We apparently walked over the highest point on the Camino Frances today though Im not totally sure where exactly it was (there was quite a lot of mountainy bits!) but all the way over the top and down we could see rolling clouds over snow capped mountains its SOOOO pretty! And all the pilgrims were bouncing along happily cos it was all so pretty!

Were about halfway down the mountain right now. I have the hugest blister youve ever seen on my right foot that just isnt getting better so I got a bit grumpy on the downhill and we stopped in the first village we came to though we were hoping to go further. Still zoe has a fantastic view from her top bunk of snow capped mountinas and clouds so its pretty nice here!!! :)

Catch you later folks! :)

mountaineering susan!

Comment Added: Thursday 29th May 2008 - 5:19pm
"Thanks Susan, that was a lovely blog! Super! x x"
by M/J

Comment Added: Thursday 29th May 2008 - 5:22pm
"CRUZ DE FERRO - Iron Cross and supposedly the hightest point on the Camino. My French book here says 1490m. and I've seen 1504 elsewhere. Anyway about 4,900 feet - or lets exagerate a bit and say 5000 - but still quite a bit higher than anything we've got in the UK. Well done! DOWNHILL ALL THE WAY NOW, EH?"
by Mum

Comment Added: Thursday 29th May 2008 - 5:23pm
"Excuse typos above . . ."
by Mum

Comment Added: Thursday 29th May 2008 - 7:20pm
"Gosh! That sounds lovely, mook! Mama says you should think about staying there a while as she has to catch up on her scrapbook.

Maybe you can ski down?

Enjoy the prettiness while you can!"
by Keith & Mam

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