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Saturday 31st May 2008 - 3:03pm
Villafranca Del Bierzo in map square [B2]
by Susan
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Yes so yesterday we walked down the mountain on the way to Ponferrada, still gorgeous views most of the way...! :)

Ponferrada was kinda interesting, mostly it was pretty industrial and ugly but in the centre was an old quarter with a big castle and lots of interesting old buildings and stuff.

Although the albergue was massive (maybe 200 beds-ish) it was in tiny 4 bed rooms which was pretty nice, in with nice french lady who walked from Le Puy and two dutch women that also have a web blog (in dutch tho im afraid) so it was quite pleasent. (no snoring guys!)

I have to admit though by the time wed got in, I washed my washing, skipped siesta and walked all the way round the castle I was totally knackered!!! At the opposite end of the castle was this tower with a spiral stair and honestly I could barely make it up the stairs.... They must be used to pilgrims there though as there were lots of benches all over the castle!

Todays been a pretty interesting walk also, strolling through vineyards in the sun with views of mountains all around. Went in this funny little chapel in Cacabelos where (i think cos i put some money in the dination box) this old spanish guy felt the need to point all the statues out to me, thing is they were all of jesus (apart from san roque who i recognise from france!) it was like "this is jesus on a donkey, this is jesus on a cross... "etc etc... I dunno if he meets a lot of pilgrims who cant recognise jesus!?! possibly? (maybe i just looked a bit english and stupid? anyway funny guy...

An old lady standing at the edge of a vinyard sold me a gorgeous bag of freshly picked cherries as I got towards town which Im still eating theyre delicious!!!!

I gotta admit I feel a bit like Conques last year in this village. Its incredibly pretty but surrounded by VERY BIG mountains.. cant really see a way out that doesnt look VERY up!!! Might do the next bit in 2 short stages!!

Take care Im off to check out Villafranca... and maybe paint a bit!

(also she very loud spanish shouty albergue lady on the desk across from me is scaring me a bit!) :)

p.s. Zoe still having a great time! ;D

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