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Tuesday 3rd June 2008 - 4:08pm
Sarria in map square [B2]
by Susan
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Not quite into the next map square yet but LOOK Im in Galicia!!!! How exciting is that! Even managed to do an arty self portrait photo of me and the Galicia sign!

So i walked way too far yesterday....way too far...i think it was over 30km...

I gotup the seriously huge hill by 9am and guess what they have the holy grail at the top! Really! All these people searching all over the place trying to decode da vinci and that and they just hav to walk up a really big hill to o´cebreiro and it´s there, a little golden cup! I think a lost pilgrim found it or soemthing and there was some story about bagpipes but fancy that eh?

As it turns out that wasn´t the end of the hills that day...I had to take the road for a bit as they were making a film on the camino (obviously more important than tired people who´ve walked several hundred kms safety!) Then the hills went on and on and on.... Still INCREDIBLY pretty - blah blah you know!

You see I quite fancied doing the longer scenic route today to Sarria via Samos but there was nowhere i wanted to stay on the way so ihad toget to tricastela yesterday really. Luckily I met a really lovely korean lady with a flower behind her ear who told me that Ultreia means "go forward with joy in your heart" just beforeI set off up another hill with another 12-13km to go exhausted and with no guarantee of a bed and it really helped! :)

So obviously I was knackered when i got there... I was SO tired I couldn´t even remember the spanish for "yes"! I also couldn´t remeber what country I came from... The hospitalera was quite nice about it although I imagine she wondered how i made it this far through spain.... I guess I was testng myself to see if I could do 30km (though why i picked the hilliest part f the route to it i don´t know) and the answer is yes, and in record time, set off 6.45 got there by 2.30 but man it almost killed me... I WON´T be doing that again (I hope!)

So I was pretty tired today, apparently I am not superwoman and by the time I crawled into Samos I was REALLY shattered. Still I had an incredibly long stop in Samos (almost an hour) and by mixture of bad spanish an mime I managed to order myself a big milky coffee and a plain omlette with bread in a bar. I even managed to get some salt to put on it! :-)

Not quite got to grips with the orange juice yet but my mumhad me repeating it down the phone to her earlier. Luckily there was no one much around as I probly looked like a bit of nutter walking along shouting "orange" repeatedly down the phone....

If you ever fancy some peace and solitude on the camino frances i would reccommend taking the longer scenic option. So many folks just race the quickest route down the road. Today wasn´t quite as bad as the other day when i saw noone but in the first 18km i saw only 3 other pilgrims and maybe about half a dozen cyclists!

People are getting a bit funny now we are getting so close... Some folks (the ones with planes to catch and lives to get bak to) are racing ahead like mad and others are begginning to panic slightly! A nice lady said to me yesterday "I can´t believe we´re so near only 147km to go!" hmmm... I wonder how many people in real life think 147km (walking!) is "so near"..?

I guess a lot of us here are at a kind of life changing point, maybe they´ve just retired and need hobby, or they´ve left their job or finshed their studies and are not quite sure what to do next. So now i looks like their camino is nearly over they´re bit worried about what happens then and i´ve met a few folks lately who´ve started to slow down....

Personally i find myself pretty eager to get to santiago, i dunno whether it´s cos it´s taken so long, maybe becasue mentally if not physically i´ve was stuck in pamplona for the best part of a year but really i feel like i should have gotten there by now. That said I still want to see stuff on the way so maybe that´s why keep taking the scenic option. Also I´m not quite surewhat i´´m going to do after finisterre, maybe start swimming?

Still i hope i get there now i´m so near. Sarria looks pretty nice, not that I´ve really looked around just stopped in the first hostel on the way up the hill! But it´s where most people who only do the last 100km start (the least you can do to get yr compostela) and i reckon i´m only a week or so from Santiago!

Zoe tells me she wants to walk the last 10km in with me so that´ll be nice! Apparently she has resorted to taking the bus (you leave folks for 5 minutes and they start cheating!) but no apparently she still has a sore ankle but is still having a lovely time! :-)

Catch yoo later folks as siesta is over and Sarria is about to wake up!!!

Comment Added: Tuesday 3rd June 2008 - 4:32pm
"Sounds pretty Wonderwomanish to me! Thanks for the lovely impressions
and general mood-painting - a delight to read! I really enjoyed the different approaches of people the fact that they're nearing the end!
N B: The Grail (or chalice or cauldron)is also a pre-Christian spiritual quest and transformation symbol as well as Christian."
by Jenny

Comment Added: Tuesday 3rd June 2008 - 5:40pm
"30km is absolutely miles when you think about it! Well done! We received a nice post card this morning. Don' forget!

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-
I took the one less travelled by,
And that has made all the difference

by Keith

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