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Sunday 8th June 2008 - 6:37pm
Santiago De Compostela !!! in map square [A1]
by Susan
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So here I am! I made it! Santiago De Compostela!!! [see photo]

Walked a mega day yesterday, 35km in the soaring heat to Monte Do Gozo just so I could have a short walk in this morning of just 5km and take my time coming in...

Yesterday around about Lavacolla (iŽm sure mum will fill you in about what the name means) I met a Swiss pilgrim I saw weeks ago who walked all the way from his hometown! HeŽs been to finnisterre and now heŽs walking all the way home again but along the north route! What an amazing journey...!

Still I had had my own journey, met zoe again today, got my compostella and went to mass, saw loads of folks IŽve been walking with. Saw the massive incense burner swing!!!! WasnŽt really all real until IŽd smelt the incense.

YesterdayŽs walk was really magical walked through the early morning light through woods and forests and all the dappled orange light through the trees gave the path a mystical quality....

So a while ago I walked past really nice sign in a vinyard, it was carved wood with a shell on it and it simply said "santiago de compostela 195km" - "Wow!" I thought, less than 200km to go! Remembering walking past those signs in france last year that said something like 1500km or so.

Sometimes I think back to those folks crawling up hills with snakes in france with the best part of 1000km to go wondering if theyŽll ever make it and I think,
DonŽt worry folks, youŽll get there!
Even if it takes over a year, your mum is only with you by telephone and your friend has developed a new fascination in learning German....
DonŽt worry folks, youŽll get there!
Even if youŽve walked the best part of the last 200km alone with just the sun on your back and the birds singing beside you for company....
DonŽt worry folks, youŽll get there!
And youŽll be standing in front of that cathedral knowing youŽve walked (or crawled, or staggered sometimes!) every single step of over 1500km from Le Puy En Velay to Santiago De Compostela....
So donŽt worry folks, YouŽll get there!
And this will have been YOUR camino, just like it was mine. :)

So "Ultreia"
and "Beaucoup De Courage" as the french say
(especially to all those dudes in Le Puy)

Right, IŽm off on holiday for a bit now folks - ideally in my own room with my own bathroom where I donŽt have to edge round fat spanish blokes in g-strings and God, Please God! - No More Snoring!

Thanks for all the encouragement folks!
Catch up with you guys when I head to Finnisterre! :)

(p.s. (and this ones especially for mums!) I am seriously considering turning my mobile phone off for a few days! Please note: this is because I am ON HOLIDAY and not because I have gone HORRENDOUSLY MISSING or ANYTHING. Please do not start alerting pilgrim forums and calling spanish missing persons... IŽll turn it back on when IŽm walking again! ;) )

C U Later guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment Added: Sunday 8th June 2008 - 7:10pm
"Well done, enjoy the holiday and thanks for all the blogs :-)"
by Dad

Comment Added: Sunday 8th June 2008 - 7:31pm
by Mum

Comment Added: Sunday 8th June 2008 - 10:09pm
"Congratulations, mook! What an achievement! I hope you enjoy Santiago and, please, try to relax for a bit! Everyone here's knocked out by your accomplishment.

Mama's in bed at the minute, but I'm sure she'll leave a comment when she gets up.

Hip hip hooray!"
by Moo

Comment Added: Sunday 8th June 2008 - 11:50pm
"Mama says:

Congratulations! Well done! After all the hard work, you deserve it. Enjoy your holiday, BUT if you can, send a photo of your compostela. Preferably with you holding it in the manner of a graduation photo. We're over the moon!

Now stay there for a bit and do nothing so we can catch up on the scrapbook."
by Mam & Keith

Comment Added: Monday 9th June 2008 - 5:12pm
"Great bit of walking!
I bet you're knackered now...
I think I need to work on my boss getting a bunch of time off to go for an adventure. I think I need an adventure :)"
by Neil

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