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Wednesday 30th April 2008 - 3:22pm
Puerte La Reina in map square [D2]
by Susan
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Or about 20km-ish! Mind you I think Im feeling it a bit.
Were in Puerte La Reina - Id tell you whats it like but I went to sleep as soon as we got here and all Ive done so far is walk up some stairs and find the internet!

The walking today was spectacular, the views were amazing, stunning mountains streching out in the sunshine and more wind farms than youve ever seen in your life!

The very big hill wasnt all that massive, or well it was but we kinda went slightly round the side of it. When we reached the top though the entire valley opened out ahead of us and we had our lunch with the most fantastic views!

Some stats so far after 1 days full walking:

Number of Blisters: 3 (but 1 of them doesnt hurt so thats 2 really..) Mind it deosnt bode well...

Number of Sore and Bruised Ankles: 1 (but Ive cut a large chunk out of the ankle of my new boot so that might help..)

Number of Sore Shoulders: 1

Number of Small Sentient Beings Zoe has Rescued Off the Path: 3
1 Snail
1 Worm
1 Upside-down Beetle

Number of Times weve lost the Route cos We were looking at a Horse: 1

Number of Times weve lost the Route in Total: 3 (once quite disasterously as we had to do a massive detour up and down a very hot road)

Number of Plants Zoe has pointed out to me: Lots (I do remember one was called a Milk Thistle!?!)

Other than that I think it all went pretty well - there was a scary point when Zoes nicotine path fell off but that was soon rectified with some nicotine gum and all was calm again. Mostly it was very nice, everyone seems to like Spain, I dont seem to have had to say anything in Spanish at all yet and the world is all very sunny! :)

Hope I can fill you in with more some interesting disaters soon!

Also they have the internet here isnt it great!!!

:) sleepy suz

p.s. Despite a very long chat with O2 before I left where they guy assured me it couldnt possibly happen again my phone is of course not really working. I can receive phone calls and texts but not call out or reply. If I call out I get a message that the service is not available and to call O2 customer services (useful given that that is who I was dialling!) and this also means if youve sent me an encouraging text (thanks its great to receive them!) I cant reply to you. But keep on sending them its nice and dont think Im ignoring you or anything its just all O2s fault! Ill stop ranting now... sleepy susan over and out...! :)

Comment Added: Wednesday 30th April 2008 - 9:46pm
"Well done the two of you! Pleased about the sunshine - sorry about the blisters."
by Mum

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